Sunday, 23 August 2015

US of A

Some of the delicious foods I had on my recent trip to America.

Shop House - Santa Monica

This was a stir fry like joint. Super delicious and healthy stop among all the burgers.

800 Degree Pizza - Las Vegas

Best pizza. Ever. Just like the ones in Italy.

In N Out - Santa Monica

Cheap and delicious burgers.

Bludso's Bar and Que West Hollywood

Best brisket ever. How could you not stop at a place like this in America? It would be a sin.

Burgr (by Gordon Ramsay) - Las Vegas

The onions rings were incredible, the burgers were pretty good also. See below.

Fatburger - Las Vegas

The name of the place says it all.

Carls Junior - Mexico Airport

Wasn't too bad, have def had better though.

SuperDuper Burger - San Fransisco

Burgr (by Gordon Ramsay) - Las Vegas

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