Sunday, 23 August 2015

Truck Stop

I had high hopes for this new burger joint that has the brains of three burger master minds behind it (Josh Lefers (Grand Trailer Park Taverna and Pawn & Co.), Dani Zeini (Dandenong Pavillion and Grand Trailer Park Taverna) and Jimmy Hurlston (Jimmy’s Burgers and Easey’s)). 

While the set up of the joint itself was awesome, unfortunately Truck Stop Deluxe did not deliver burgers like I had hoped. Having been to Grand Trailor Park already, I found that the menu was pretty much exactly the same, and the burgers quite mediocre. I ordered the Francis Underwood burger which comes with a Mac and Cheese croquette as well as a beef patty. I felt that mine was quite gluggy as there wasn't much sauce to moisten it all up and the patty itself lacked flavour - whether it was missing seasoning or whether it was the type of meat used. The croquette was ok - however, due to lack of sauce, it only added to the dryness of the burger. 

I have ticked this one off my list and unfortunately it won't be on my list of places to go back to anytime soon.

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