Saturday, 13 September 2014

Europe Trippin'


They are all about FRIES.
& they are the best fries I have ever had

I have recently returned from five fabulous weeks of tripping around Europe.

It was such an experience and I am so grateful and lucky to have been able to go and most of all share it with my other half. We travelled a lot in this five weeks and managed to visit Paris, London, Belgium, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Ibiza, Florence, Rome, Santorini, Mykonos and finished off in Athens.

The foods, culture, the history… it all was unreal and I cannot even begin to describe it.

I am sharing today a snapshot of my food experience of Europe. The variety over there is amazing and everything you eat is delicious. You don't leave a restaurant, bar or cafe unhappy over there.

I hope you enjoy and this makes you want to get out there and eat!


Pierre Hermes
(this is like an ice cream macaron, passionfruit and chocolate)


Mini Paella and Sangria


Tapas are huge over in Spain.
Two of my favourites that I tried at a few places are Potatos Bravas (top, potatoes fried with a tomato sauce and mayo) and Potato Bombas (bottom, with a mince centre covered in potato and fried)


Pizza in Rome, how could we not!
This restaurant we went to twice, very delicious pizza and cheap wine!


By far the best souvlakis i have ever had from Lucky's. If you are visiting Santorini, I highly recommend. Lucky's can be found in Fira town.
These are falafel souvlakis with chips, onions, lettuce, tomato and yoghurt. I think I had about 7 of these in 2 days...


Peppe's souvlakis in Mykonos town with a greek salad (thankfully this one came without olives!)
This place was very good and very cheap!


This is what we had for dinner two nights in a row in the heart of Athens.
Souvlaki kebaps (left) that came on two pitas with yoghurt and a tomato salsa.
Bottom right was a chicken souvlaki which was delicious and the chicken was very tasty

MY favourite place we visited would have to be the Greek islands, there really is nothing like it. I can't wait to continue my foreign food journey next year.

Never Ending Burger Love


Onion Rings, Fries with bacon and cheese, After Burner Burger and Golden Axe Burger
Followed by a salted caramel milkshake (yes you read that right, salted caramel in a milkshake...)


Burger and Beer of the Month - September
Lamb pat tie with olive mayo, kasha cheese, pickles and tomato relish
w' a side of fries

8bit. on Urbanspoon

Maha Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Flavours of Summer

From left to right:

Scarlett Spritzers - sparkling wine infused with strawberry (the passionfruit flavour is also very delicious!)

Rekorderlig Cider - pomegranate (perfect for the hot summer afternoons)

Floris - a Belgium beer infused with passionfruit, very delicious and a highly recommended beer for this that like something a little different

Happy Times, Chuckle Park

Chuckie's Passion Punch

Meatball Wrap

In a hideaway spot on little Collins in Melbourne CBD, this spot is perfect for a afternoon jug of cocktail and a delicious snack. 

Chuckle Park Bar and Cafe on Urbanspoon