Saturday, 28 June 2014

Burgers and Beers

Each month Maha introduce a lunch burger and beer combo.

Last month I was lucky enough to get to try one. May's burger was a wagyu beef pattie, smoked bacon, lettuce, cheese and truffle mayo. Needless to say when I read what it was, my mouth was uncontrollably salivating as yours is right now I am sure.

It was absolutely divine and I ate every last bite. I really enjoyed the beer that came with it also. Cisk isn' a brand of beer I had heard of before but I will be trying to hunt it down come summertime.

To get all of this deliciousness it will cost you a mere $18. Considering all of the ingredients are top shelf and that price includes a beer, you can't go wrong with this work lunch feast.

The June burger is the Brazilian World Cup burger with pork, chorizo, avocado and anchochilli. I cannot wait to see what burgers are to come.

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