Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Friday night at The Toff

Oh the Toff, how I love thee cocktails...

This, is the Cookies and Crème cocktail from the Toff that I had a few weeks back. I would like to add that it quickly made my top five favourite cocktails.

With crushed Oreos throughout along with a dash of Crème de menthe and other delicious liquors it was simply divine! Quite a sweet drink, but I have a sweet tooth so it suited me just fine.

The Toff has a great cocktail list which also includes bubble cup cocktails! They are around $9 -$10 each and include classics like Pimms as well as non-alcoholic ones. They are delicious too and very easy to drink.

I would definitely recommend heading to the Toff for your next Friday after work drinks. That's where I will be!


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