Sunday, 30 March 2014

Po' Boy Quarter

It was late last night when we decided that we should probably get some dinner.

We were driving home and did not want to go the city and we were not up for a restaurant meal or greasy take away which left us with limited options at 11pm. However, the golden light was Smith Street in Collingwood. If you are yet to venture down Smith Street, you are definitely missing out as there are a great range of food places there to satisfy your cravings from a delicious burger to the greatest gelato. 

We managed to agree on Po' Boy Quarter. Po' Boy Quarter is a restaurant that serves delicious New Orleans styled food and was opened by the same people that run the Gumbo food truck. We were very relieved to find that it was open until 1am on Saturday nights!

This is called The Dom. The Dom consists of 12-hour roasted beef with cajun sauce and pickles over a bed of fries. It is absolutely delicious and a favourite of mine! I think this will be a go to come winter time. 

This is the deep fried shrimp Po Boy with hot sauce and pickles. My partner ordered this and really enjoyed it - I had to pinch a few shrimp myself they looked too tasty to pass up! We also ordered a mac'n cheese croquette. 

Washed down with a cup of very traditional lemonade and we were very satisfied.

I am very much looking forward to going back and enjoying more of the New Orleans food on my next adventure down Smith Street…and I strongly suggest you head down there too!

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