Saturday, 1 March 2014

Introducing Imelda

I have had the nickname Imelda Marcos for as long as I can remember due to my obsession and love of shoes. 

Imelda Marcos was actually the wife and widow of the Philippine President Ferdinand Marco. During her husbands twenty year rule in the Philippines, Imelda herself became quite well known due to her having a wardrobe that consisted of over 1000 pairs of shoes. Oh how jealous I am of this! A wardrobe I can only dream of.

Only a portion of Imelda's extensive wardrobe

I love all shoes. From luxurious heels and wedges to the comfiest boots, sneakers and sandals, I don't discriminate.

So without further a do I would like to share some shoes I am lusting over at the moment, enjoy!

Sol Sana - obsessed with cut out boots

Adore these

Solestruck Wedges

Jeffrey Campbell can never do wrong

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