Sunday, 30 March 2014

Po' Boy Quarter

It was late last night when we decided that we should probably get some dinner.

We were driving home and did not want to go the city and we were not up for a restaurant meal or greasy take away which left us with limited options at 11pm. However, the golden light was Smith Street in Collingwood. If you are yet to venture down Smith Street, you are definitely missing out as there are a great range of food places there to satisfy your cravings from a delicious burger to the greatest gelato. 

We managed to agree on Po' Boy Quarter. Po' Boy Quarter is a restaurant that serves delicious New Orleans styled food and was opened by the same people that run the Gumbo food truck. We were very relieved to find that it was open until 1am on Saturday nights!

This is called The Dom. The Dom consists of 12-hour roasted beef with cajun sauce and pickles over a bed of fries. It is absolutely delicious and a favourite of mine! I think this will be a go to come winter time. 

This is the deep fried shrimp Po Boy with hot sauce and pickles. My partner ordered this and really enjoyed it - I had to pinch a few shrimp myself they looked too tasty to pass up! We also ordered a mac'n cheese croquette. 

Washed down with a cup of very traditional lemonade and we were very satisfied.

I am very much looking forward to going back and enjoying more of the New Orleans food on my next adventure down Smith Street…and I strongly suggest you head down there too!

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Sunday, 2 March 2014

A touch of Paris on Chapel

A La Folie can be found on Chapel Street. A little slice of french heaven with all of its handmade macaroons, and these little pastries that are filled with a creme custard (petits choux). I have been here a few times now and I am addicted to the soft caramel and vanilla macarons. Hands down the best ones I have found in Melbourne to date! 

If you haven't visited this little shop as yet, I would highly recommend doing so! Especially if you are a sweet tooth like myself! Enjoy.

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Wandering to Burma Lane

Burma Lane can be found on Little Collins Street. Burma Lane is the new sister restaurant to Red Spice Road and has been open since November 2013. With its stunning chic decor and the fresh menu, I was very much looking forward to the evening.

Burma Lane has a menu broken down into two main sections: small bites and bigger bites. Smaller bites are small bite sized dishes and you would need to order one per person. The bigger bites are more main sized. The main sized dishes can be shared which was what we like to do as you can try more than one dish!

To start we had the potato fritter filled with slow cooked lamb belly. And my god, it tasted like a potato cake you get from Flinders Street station but a more gourmet version. It was so delicious I nearly ordered two more just for me! We also ordered the 19th street crispy pork. This was delicious also, however, I did find the pork a tad dry for my liking although it was very tender. The dish had a bit of a sauce on the plate, but I think if it had a bit more sauce it may have offset the dryness. 

For our mains we shared the turmeric coconut chicken curry with whole shallots, parsnip and sweet potato chips. This was a delicious curry with subtle flavour that worked really well. The chicken was perfection and fell apart a the touch of your fork and I adored the shallots and the crunch of the crispy sweet potato chips.

We also ordered the pork ribs which were also so tender! The sauce that the ribs sat on was simply delish. 

Overall it was a lovely evening. The food was really tasty and fresh and the friendly staff were awesome. I could not stop staring at the walls and the ceiling as I really did love the decor. I will be looking forward to heading back to Burma Lane to try out more of their delicious menu.

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I wore my Tony Bianco Rhapsody heels last night. They are super comfy and the gorgeous nude tone goes with absolutely everything and can be dressed up or down.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Introducing Imelda

I have had the nickname Imelda Marcos for as long as I can remember due to my obsession and love of shoes. 

Imelda Marcos was actually the wife and widow of the Philippine President Ferdinand Marco. During her husbands twenty year rule in the Philippines, Imelda herself became quite well known due to her having a wardrobe that consisted of over 1000 pairs of shoes. Oh how jealous I am of this! A wardrobe I can only dream of.

Only a portion of Imelda's extensive wardrobe

I love all shoes. From luxurious heels and wedges to the comfiest boots, sneakers and sandals, I don't discriminate.

So without further a do I would like to share some shoes I am lusting over at the moment, enjoy!

Sol Sana - obsessed with cut out boots

Adore these

Solestruck Wedges

Jeffrey Campbell can never do wrong