Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Feeling very merry at Merrywell!

YOU know those days when you really feel like some deep fried crunchy chips and a delicious  burger that's dripping in flavour and things that make you drool....

Well that's when I head to Merrywell at the Crown on Southbank. The know how to cook a delicious burger and chicken that has the most crispy-est coating and oh I could go on forever! When o go I have yet to visit the restaurant upstairs, I generally just stick to the bottom floor. It has a great feel to it and the staff are super lovely! 

Please see below for drool worthy photos, I know what I want for dinner tonight!

Doesn't it look amazing!! I think everybody needs to visit Merrywell for a fat tried feast and a beer or cider. Mmm mmm! 

The Merrywell on Urbanspoon

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