Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Feeling very merry at Merrywell!

YOU know those days when you really feel like some deep fried crunchy chips and a delicious  burger that's dripping in flavour and things that make you drool....

Well that's when I head to Merrywell at the Crown on Southbank. The know how to cook a delicious burger and chicken that has the most crispy-est coating and oh I could go on forever! When o go I have yet to visit the restaurant upstairs, I generally just stick to the bottom floor. It has a great feel to it and the staff are super lovely! 

Please see below for drool worthy photos, I know what I want for dinner tonight!

Doesn't it look amazing!! I think everybody needs to visit Merrywell for a fat tried feast and a beer or cider. Mmm mmm! 

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Longgrain on Little Bourke

QUITE a few weeks ago we visited Longgrain on little Bourke St in the heart of Melbourne CBD.

It was very full on this Saturday night but we managed to squeeze onto a pew at the bar and ordered some very lovely cocktails! They had quite the menu!

We ended up getting a seat for the bar after all that waiting!

We ordered and entree of caramelised pork, prawn, peanuts and sour pineapple. It was different, but delicious!

Following on from that we ordered two mains too share, one was a yellow curry with lamb and killer potatoes which was my favourite! And the other was something that I can't remember right now! Darn I hate that! Apologies for my poor memory.

Here are the photos of the dishes.


Overall, the service was pretty good, nothing over the top and as for the food. Well I personally was a tad disappointed. For the size and price of the dish, it was overpriced for the small portions we got. The flavours were really delicious, but I felt a bit let down with the price.  I unfortunately, will not be visiting Longgrain anytime soon. 

On a brighter note, spring is nearly here in Melbourne!

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