Monday, 17 June 2013

Chin Chin: food is so nice they named it twice

I am happy to tell you that Chin Chin is definitely in my top 5 favourite restaurants in Melbourne. I have visited this restaurant multiple times and haven't once been able to flaw anything. They provide consistently excellent service and are more than happy to help with the menu and cater for your needs as well as amazing food that does not take long from the kitchen.

Although it is one of the hardest to get in to (as they don't take bookings under 10 people) we always manage to get a table/seat relatively quick. Being just two of us, that make it even quicker. Most of the time we manage to get a seat at the bar or around the kitchen. Which, as you know, would be my favourite place to sit at a restaurant.

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My most recent visit to Chin Chin was Queen's Birthday weekend. It was the Monday night and we chose to have an early dinner and went in aroun 5pm. We got a proper table for the very first time. As we have been quite a few times we have tried nearly most of the entrees and a few of the larger dishes. I would just like to add that their menu is HUGE. It needs emphasis as there is so much to choose from!

We chose two dishes to start the first being the grilled roti madtarbak with Indian spiced beef and cucumber relish.

Following that we had the salt and pepper squid which is definitely a favourite of mine!

We chose two mains with a side of roti bread. One was the butter chicken. This butter chicken was hands down the best butter chicken I have ever had! So creamy and flavoursome and aromatic and with the roti bread and rice, oh it was heaven. I could easily have not shared that dish! But I did, and only gives me an excuse to go back and have it again!

The second main dish that followed was chosen by my partner. It was the salt and pepper king fish wings. They weren't my favourite but the meat was so delicious and tender and the skin was super crunchy! Nevertheless, my partner did thoroughly enjoy them.

After all that, I did manage to share a dessert. I chose the palm sugar sundae with delicious honey comb pieces and lime syrup. The picture sums it up pretty well I think. It was yum.


Now if the menu is all too much for you and you simply cannot decide what to have..don't fret! They have this fantastic option called 'Feed Me' for $66 pp. This is where the staff serve you up a delicious meal with a selection of favourite dishes.

I recommend Chin Chin to any one and everyone! The tastings of the exotic and varied flavours of all the dishes is divine, the sharing experience with loved ones and the service is why I keep going back to Chin Chin.

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