Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Revolver to Colonel Tans

Last week I was taken out to a celebratory dinner, (I had just paid off my student loan!) the restaurant of choice was Colonel Tan's. Now, I as I was walking up the stairs the I usually take to get to the well known club Revolver Upstairs, I wasn't sure what to expect!

Karen Batson, who is also the chef from renowned restaurant on Swanston Stret, Cookie, has put together this little restaurant with Thai inspired food along with a relaxed dining area. With low lighting, and a live DJ playing throughout out the evening, it was quite a funky place to have dinner.

The menu look mouth watering! With lots of Thai and Asian styled dishes along with a few classics, such as tofu burgers and a steak club sandwich. The menu was very extensive to say the least and was very affordable.

To start I ordered a Bellini cocktail, to go with my chili squid rings. My partner ordered the prawn and pork donuts. Everything was delicious, and the squid was super fresh, big plus in my books!

It took a little while to decide on mains. We ended up selecting the Bangkok bolognaise which was amazing - noodles with spicy beef mix, chili and tomatoes. A Thai spin on your classic mince bolognaise. 

We also ordered the green chicken curry with rice and salted egg net salad. This was absolutely delicious! The flavour was insane and the spice of the dish was the kind of heat that crept up on you the more you ate. With our roti bread to dip in, it was a fabulous main.

The service at Colonel Tan's was awesome, very friendly young staff. The music was good and it wasn't overly hard to walk in and get a table at 7.30pm on a Wednesday night, although it did full up very quickly!

Four drinks, two entrees and two mains all for $90 - needless to say I will be back in a hurry! For that price, and that quality of delicious Thai food, can't go wrong.

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