Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Now this is fast food.

Gumbo Kitchen on Urbanspoon

I hadn't really heard of food trucks, until I moved to Melbourne. It was then that I discovered what good fast food really was!

It was a chilly Sunday morning as we headed out on an adventure to the Brunswick Bowls club to grab a (hopefully) delicious lunch from the great Gumbo Kitchen.

I was very much looking forward to this meal as I had heard great things from Urbanspoon and Facebook. Sure enough, I wasn't disappointed at all!

We ended up ordereing, 2 mac and cheese croquettes, the gumbo (which was chicken, chorizo, onion, and rice) as well as the famous deep fried shrimp po boy! Coming from a small 2 man food truck, it was outstanding and flavoursome. Perfect for a cool winters morning.

Topped off the $6 Coronas from the Bowls bar, could not go wrong!

The following Sunday, we ventured out once again to the Gumbo food truck. I think this is fast becoming a Sunday tradition!

This time we ordered the deep fried shrimp po boy (how can you go wrong with this!) and the Dom. The dom was fries with slow roasted, pulled beef and mayo on top. It was ah-maze-ing! Probably have to say one of my favourite fast food dishes ever!

The po boy, and the Dom were both $12 each and the Gumbo was $13.

I felt it was definitely worth the money when you look at the quantity of food we were receiving as well as the quality. It amazes me how such good food can be made and served in a food truck!

Its nearly lunch time for me here and I wish the Gumbo Kitchen was in my area as I could go with a Dom right about now!

I hope you get a chance sometime to track down the Gumbo, or one of the many food trcuks available here in Melbourne. I can't wait to find the rest!


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