Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Feeling very merry at Merrywell!

YOU know those days when you really feel like some deep fried crunchy chips and a delicious  burger that's dripping in flavour and things that make you drool....

Well that's when I head to Merrywell at the Crown on Southbank. The know how to cook a delicious burger and chicken that has the most crispy-est coating and oh I could go on forever! When o go I have yet to visit the restaurant upstairs, I generally just stick to the bottom floor. It has a great feel to it and the staff are super lovely! 

Please see below for drool worthy photos, I know what I want for dinner tonight!

Doesn't it look amazing!! I think everybody needs to visit Merrywell for a fat tried feast and a beer or cider. Mmm mmm! 

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Longgrain on Little Bourke

QUITE a few weeks ago we visited Longgrain on little Bourke St in the heart of Melbourne CBD.

It was very full on this Saturday night but we managed to squeeze onto a pew at the bar and ordered some very lovely cocktails! They had quite the menu!

We ended up getting a seat for the bar after all that waiting!

We ordered and entree of caramelised pork, prawn, peanuts and sour pineapple. It was different, but delicious!

Following on from that we ordered two mains too share, one was a yellow curry with lamb and killer potatoes which was my favourite! And the other was something that I can't remember right now! Darn I hate that! Apologies for my poor memory.

Here are the photos of the dishes.


Overall, the service was pretty good, nothing over the top and as for the food. Well I personally was a tad disappointed. For the size and price of the dish, it was overpriced for the small portions we got. The flavours were really delicious, but I felt a bit let down with the price.  I unfortunately, will not be visiting Longgrain anytime soon. 

On a brighter note, spring is nearly here in Melbourne!

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Monday, 1 July 2013

the King of Bakerys: Movida

Custard filled pastry
Violet Crumble donut

Chicken and vegie pie with sweets good does this look right? It tasted pretty bloody good too! Fresh chicken and vegie pie with a fresh donut for my sunday lunch was just amazing.

Its definitely easy to see why Movida Bakery is constantly thriving with people every weekend. Along with a few tables (you better get their early to snatch up one of those!) they also do take away.

I highly recommend their salted caramel donut for all the sweet tooths and the moroccan lamb pie is to die for.

A ten out of ten in my books, can't beat a good pie.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Chin Chin: food is so nice they named it twice

I am happy to tell you that Chin Chin is definitely in my top 5 favourite restaurants in Melbourne. I have visited this restaurant multiple times and haven't once been able to flaw anything. They provide consistently excellent service and are more than happy to help with the menu and cater for your needs as well as amazing food that does not take long from the kitchen.

Although it is one of the hardest to get in to (as they don't take bookings under 10 people) we always manage to get a table/seat relatively quick. Being just two of us, that make it even quicker. Most of the time we manage to get a seat at the bar or around the kitchen. Which, as you know, would be my favourite place to sit at a restaurant.

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My most recent visit to Chin Chin was Queen's Birthday weekend. It was the Monday night and we chose to have an early dinner and went in aroun 5pm. We got a proper table for the very first time. As we have been quite a few times we have tried nearly most of the entrees and a few of the larger dishes. I would just like to add that their menu is HUGE. It needs emphasis as there is so much to choose from!

We chose two dishes to start the first being the grilled roti madtarbak with Indian spiced beef and cucumber relish.

Following that we had the salt and pepper squid which is definitely a favourite of mine!

We chose two mains with a side of roti bread. One was the butter chicken. This butter chicken was hands down the best butter chicken I have ever had! So creamy and flavoursome and aromatic and with the roti bread and rice, oh it was heaven. I could easily have not shared that dish! But I did, and only gives me an excuse to go back and have it again!

The second main dish that followed was chosen by my partner. It was the salt and pepper king fish wings. They weren't my favourite but the meat was so delicious and tender and the skin was super crunchy! Nevertheless, my partner did thoroughly enjoy them.

After all that, I did manage to share a dessert. I chose the palm sugar sundae with delicious honey comb pieces and lime syrup. The picture sums it up pretty well I think. It was yum.


Now if the menu is all too much for you and you simply cannot decide what to have..don't fret! They have this fantastic option called 'Feed Me' for $66 pp. This is where the staff serve you up a delicious meal with a selection of favourite dishes.

I recommend Chin Chin to any one and everyone! The tastings of the exotic and varied flavours of all the dishes is divine, the sharing experience with loved ones and the service is why I keep going back to Chin Chin.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

The names Smith, The Smith.

Well, first day of winter last friday and boy oh boy did it show! It was bucketing down with pitch black skys at 5.30pm. Nevertheless, we braved the pouring rain and made our way to the Smith on high street for our 8pm booking. 

We didn't get seated at a normal table at the Smith, instead we were seated at the kichen counter - which for me, is my favourite place in a restuarant! You get to see all the delicious dishes coming out and get to pick what you want that way. Getting to see how each dish is plated up is a bonus!

The menu at the Smith is very extensive with a lot of variety - from tofu to a steamed pork bun to pork ribs with housemade BBQ sauce.

We chose to get two or three of the smaller, entree sized dishes as we struggled to pick which ones to get! I could easily have had one of all of them. The first was the Barramundi croquettes with bonito mayonnaise. As you may know already, I am not the biggest seafood fan (although it is growing on me), but these were insanely delicious. The crunchiness of the crumb and thos potatoe-y middle with the bits of fish was so good. Two each was not enough. I would have been happier not sharing!

My favourite dish of the night hands down was the soft fajitas with braised wagyu osso bucco, avocado & sweetcorn salsa. They. Were. Amazing. The meat was so tender and flavoursome, the flavours of the salsa, the sweet corn and the avocado went together like thunder and lightening. I could have demolished plate after plate after get the idea. They were good.

Don't drool too much on your screen

It doesn't look like much in this photo but they were so good. Definitely a must try in my books.

Our next dish was another seafood one, one I am not too fond of: Prawns. Now I did have my doubts but when I had my first bite I was quite surprised.

Now when I read king prawn filled betel leaves I was a bit unsure. I was expecting a whole prawn in a leaf fried in tempura. When I cut it open it was more chopped up prawn inside of the betal leaf which were quite tasty! But this dish is definitely for the more seafood

It did take us a while to decide on the main. We setlled with the Pan fried John Dory with spiced cauliflower, pomegranate & chickpea dressing. We had noticed this dish coming out a lot that night and was very much looking forward to tasting it. We also ordered a side of the smashed chats (deep fried potatoes that are so flipping good).

The fish was so tender and just fell apart, it went so well with the cauliflower and the pomemgranate and chickpea dressing - which was thicker than your average dressing but was delicious all the same.

The dish was definitely enough for the two of us with the side of chats. I was very happy with all the dishes we had chosen as they were all so good and came out quite quickly despite the number of people in the restaurant. The service was faultless even though they were incredibly busy and the seats we had, to me, were the best in the house. Everyone is different of course but I thoroughly enjoyed my evening at the Smith although I did not enjoy the walk in the still pouring rain and thunderstorm back to the car!

Oh, last but not least, we did manage to share a dessert after all this. We settled on the apple and rhubarb pie with manuka honey ice cream! A perfect end to the first night of winter if you ask me!

Looks so scrumptious. I can't wait to go back and try more of their menu!

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Revolver to Colonel Tans

Last week I was taken out to a celebratory dinner, (I had just paid off my student loan!) the restaurant of choice was Colonel Tan's. Now, I as I was walking up the stairs the I usually take to get to the well known club Revolver Upstairs, I wasn't sure what to expect!

Karen Batson, who is also the chef from renowned restaurant on Swanston Stret, Cookie, has put together this little restaurant with Thai inspired food along with a relaxed dining area. With low lighting, and a live DJ playing throughout out the evening, it was quite a funky place to have dinner.

The menu look mouth watering! With lots of Thai and Asian styled dishes along with a few classics, such as tofu burgers and a steak club sandwich. The menu was very extensive to say the least and was very affordable.

To start I ordered a Bellini cocktail, to go with my chili squid rings. My partner ordered the prawn and pork donuts. Everything was delicious, and the squid was super fresh, big plus in my books!

It took a little while to decide on mains. We ended up selecting the Bangkok bolognaise which was amazing - noodles with spicy beef mix, chili and tomatoes. A Thai spin on your classic mince bolognaise. 

We also ordered the green chicken curry with rice and salted egg net salad. This was absolutely delicious! The flavour was insane and the spice of the dish was the kind of heat that crept up on you the more you ate. With our roti bread to dip in, it was a fabulous main.

The service at Colonel Tan's was awesome, very friendly young staff. The music was good and it wasn't overly hard to walk in and get a table at 7.30pm on a Wednesday night, although it did full up very quickly!

Four drinks, two entrees and two mains all for $90 - needless to say I will be back in a hurry! For that price, and that quality of delicious Thai food, can't go wrong.

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Now this is fast food.

Gumbo Kitchen on Urbanspoon

I hadn't really heard of food trucks, until I moved to Melbourne. It was then that I discovered what good fast food really was!

It was a chilly Sunday morning as we headed out on an adventure to the Brunswick Bowls club to grab a (hopefully) delicious lunch from the great Gumbo Kitchen.

I was very much looking forward to this meal as I had heard great things from Urbanspoon and Facebook. Sure enough, I wasn't disappointed at all!

We ended up ordereing, 2 mac and cheese croquettes, the gumbo (which was chicken, chorizo, onion, and rice) as well as the famous deep fried shrimp po boy! Coming from a small 2 man food truck, it was outstanding and flavoursome. Perfect for a cool winters morning.

Topped off the $6 Coronas from the Bowls bar, could not go wrong!

The following Sunday, we ventured out once again to the Gumbo food truck. I think this is fast becoming a Sunday tradition!

This time we ordered the deep fried shrimp po boy (how can you go wrong with this!) and the Dom. The dom was fries with slow roasted, pulled beef and mayo on top. It was ah-maze-ing! Probably have to say one of my favourite fast food dishes ever!

The po boy, and the Dom were both $12 each and the Gumbo was $13.

I felt it was definitely worth the money when you look at the quantity of food we were receiving as well as the quality. It amazes me how such good food can be made and served in a food truck!

Its nearly lunch time for me here and I wish the Gumbo Kitchen was in my area as I could go with a Dom right about now!

I hope you get a chance sometime to track down the Gumbo, or one of the many food trcuks available here in Melbourne. I can't wait to find the rest!


Monday, 20 May 2013

Take Me Back to Bistro Vue

I recently visited Bistro Vue, which can be found hidden among Little Collins street in Melbourne CBD.

With its low lighting and elegant interior my night at this restaurant was stunning to say the least. With an 8.45pm booking, my partner and I started in their small bar. With bartenders willing to make anything to suit your taste. For myself, I am a sweet wine drinker, not dessert sweet but more reisling sweet. They didn't have anything of the like on their extensive menu. Rather I was served a chardonnay (!) with a dash of peach liquer, it was simply amazing! Definitley something to try if you are in to fruity sweet wines.

The service was impeccable all night and the staff were more than happy to give us all the time to peruse their outstanding french inspired menu. All though some of it was not to my liking, not being a big seafood fan, I did find lots of dishes that suited my palate. Although, I did give the snails a miss this time!

I chose the french onion soup with beer and topped with gruyere cheese to start. Now I have made french onion soup at home, but it was very far from this! I could have eaten it all night, with its deliciously crunchy pastry topping and the flavours that seemed to get better with every mouthful. With the bread we were served, it was a great starter and a very suitable for the cold night we were experiencing in Melbourne!

Soft shell crab, celeriac and apple rémoulade, mojo sauce

This was my partners entree of soft shell crab. I did try this dish, and being a non-seafood lover, found it really really good. Which was surprising!

For main, I struggled to decide what to get. I am a big red meat fan, especially when it comes to excellent cuts of beef fillets. So when the table next to us recieved their Gippsland grass fed fillet I couldn't say no!

It came out perfectly cooked medium rare with homemade, square cut fries with a devine pepper sauce. All I can say is YUM!

My partner ordered the slow cooked secondary cut which was slow cooked beef and the cut was from the shoulder. It looked really good and I was told that it was super tender.

We argued over what dessert we would order as were both very full by this point but from what we could see getting served to the other tables, we couldn't decline! We settled on the tarte tatin. I have never tried one before so wasn't sure what it would be like.

It was so delicious, and it came out on a hot pan and was flipped on to a plate at out table. Served with fresh cream and a scoop of ice cream just for me, it was a great way to finish off our meal.

All in all it was a great night, and felt quite romantic being inside this fabulous restaurant. It was great service, excellent venue and the food was amazing. I have no complaints with Bistro Vue, although it was expensive, you definitely get what you pay for when it comes to service and food. I would more than happy pay the price all over again. I hope this didn't make you as hungry as it has made me!

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