Monday, 15 October 2012

Anniversary at Maha

MY anniversary dinner at Maha was a very wonderful evening and I thoroughly enjoyed the food and the service especially. The experience at Maha was one of a kind and I am very much looking forward to going back.

At Maha they have a stunning menu, so naturally we decided to choose the degustation menu. Where the chef chose each of our dishes.

It started off with a sharing platter of bread, an oxtail broth which was served in a shot glass, pickled vegetables, olives, and nuts. I am a huge fan of sweet wines and asked the waiter to select something for me and they picked thee most perfect wine for my taste. It was a reisling and for the life of me can not remember the name! They wait staff at Maha were very helpful to meet any cutsomers needs.

We then recieved our entree dishes. One was a slamon dish (the left photo)with a crumbes outside. I am not the biggest seafood fan and had never tried salmon before but needless to say I was in love after the first bite. It was so tender and flavoursome!

The other dish was spatch cock, I also had not tried this type of meat before either! It was similar to chicken although it was a pinker on the inside, which if your naything like my kind of freaked me out as we all know chicken has to be white once cooked! But it was delicious and the flavours they included in this dish were amazing.

The mains were out of this world. The lamb ragout was simply devine, I am struggling to decribe it to you now! It came with toubouleh, and a small rice dish. Along with that we also had a fish dish that blew me away, especially for someone that was not a seafood person. It was so tender and had no fish taste whatsoever (which is something that puts me off)! This was also served with a fresh, crunchy side salad. 

Lastly we had dessert, which by this stage i was rather full! Although I did my best to eat half.

From left to right: rice pudding with salted caramel and dark chocolate sorbet; 4 ways of coconut included a coconut jelly, coconut mousse; and lastly was the most devine turkish delight donuts I have ever tasted!

Unfortunately I do not like coconut nor do I like rice pudding but I did enjoy the chocolate sorbet and my boyfriend eenjoyed having more dessert to himself!

I am sorry my descriptions are not very good, we visited Maha mid July this year and I am sure the menu may have changed since then and I did struggle to recap each and every one of the amazing dishes we have. In syaing that, I hope they have changed the menu because I would love an excuse to go back! It was a bit pricey, but it was definitely worth it for the quality of food and service. Quality over quantity is always a good rule to follow!

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Monday, 8 October 2012

Calling All Mexican Lovers

Mamasita on Urbanspoon

Hola Amigos! I just though I would do a quick post on a restaurant I visited a while back...Mamasita! A mexican lovers dream in a hidden upstairs restaurant on Collins Street in Melbournes CBD. With lots of little delicacies to choose from and not too mention their infamous corn on the cob (above), which was out of this world! They also had tacos and queasadilllas galore! I am very much a mexican food fan and loved this restaurant. Despite the ten minute wait on the stairs, it was well worth it. If you are wanting to visit them on a Friday or Saturday night I woudl suggest either going quite early or later in the evening (we got there around 9pm on a Saturday night) as they do gather quite a crowd and do not take bookings!

P.S I think I will have to attempt to recreate the corn on the cob. I found a great recipe here by Jamie Oliver! Can't wait!

Beetroot Frozen cocktail, surprisingly delicious

Monday, 24 September 2012

the sharing house, South Wharf

When my mum came to visit me in Melbourne last week, I took her to this amazing restaurant along South Wharf, The Sharing House. I had never been before so decided to book a table and go based on some of the reviews I had found on UrbanSpoon...and i was amazed! From its modern, funky, retro look, topped off with the entire bar being made of lego, to some of the most delicious food I have ever tried to its friendly, helpful staff, it was ten out of ten all over!

With a great variety of smaller, entree size dishes as well as five or so large 'sharing plates' to choose from we struggled with choices! Some of the 'sharing plates' included an amazing Beef Wellington to a 1 kilo Tomahawk (which unfortunately was not on the menu that night)! Not to mention the selection of desserts, I was in seventh heaven! All of our dishes we selected came out looking superb and tasted even better.

If you enjoy a good cocktail, the menu at the Sharing House won't let you down! I enjoyed a delicious white rum cocktial with flavours of mint and lime while mum enjoyed an old favourite, a moscow mule.

French Camembert Fondue with vegetable sticks and bread

Cheese Croquettes with Honey Truffle (basically it was goats cheese in a crumb deep fried, simply delicious!)

Homemade Chickpea fries with homemade relish. How cute does this look!

Scampi Mac N' Cheese
My beautiful mum enjoying her cocktail!

The Ice Cream Man dessert, a gorgeous selection of ice creams in the tiniest cones I have ever seen!
Chocolate Mousse cake with salted caramel. It also had a biscuit like base that had popping candy in it! Was the best surprise in a dessert!

I thoroughly enjoyed my meal at the Sharing House and I will be going back! If your ever wandering around South Wharf, I would definitely suggest popping by for a meal and a cocktail or even just to see there awesome lego bar!

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