Thursday, 9 June 2016


Harry's food was delicious...reasonably healthy and very fresh, tasty ingredients. I ordered the quinoa and feta balls (bottom photo) - they were so delicious I must replicate these at home!

I love the look and feel of the café itself, its very modern but quite small.

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Monday, 4 April 2016

Leonards House of Love

A cosy little cottage like building located behind the hustle and bustle of Chapel Street is the 70's vibin' Leonards House of Love. This is also home to, what I am bravely about to say, Melbourne's best Cheeseburger (to date). I know. Its a massive call to make.

The bun was soft, the patty was made of beef brisket and ribs, topped with delicious special sauce, glorious melted cheese, pickles and jalapenos...I was in heaven. I ate it so quick that I almost ordered another. We also ordered the shredded chicken loaded fired with cheeseburger stuffing, gravy, cheese and grilled onions. Was also just as delicious.

It was quite a busy Saturday night there and was a struggle to find a place to seat to be able to eat, but we found luckily somewhere. I was also very impressed with the quick service - the food came out so quick.

Overall, a great experience on a cold winters (I swear its not Autumn) night with delicious food. Will most definitely be back. Hopefully this weekend.

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Friday, 1 April 2016

Pillar of Salt

Pillar of Salt - very photogenic dishes. 

However, flavours did not blow me away this time round. I was very anxious to order the pancakes after watching other tables get the beautiful stack. After my first few bites, although you may be surprised, I discovered that the dish wasn't sweet. Now I know the sugar of the strawberries should sweeten it and what not, but it didn't do it for me and it was not what I had read on the menu. With the tangy flavours of the fruit and the puree alongside the marscapone and buttermilk pancakes it just didn't hit that mark for me. I was expecting a sweet breakfast and was a little deflated afterwords. Despite that bit, I was hungry and it was good so naturally I demolished the lot.

The other dish is the Avocado with poached eggs with a side of sausage. Again, it did not really deliver what was read on the menu and the sausage was not worth $5 extra. 

Would like to try again - as they did do amazing coffee - but would order something else from the menu and will even ask the staff about the dishes.

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Calling all meat lovers! If you have not yet visited LaLuna in Carlton, owned by chef Adrian Richardson, you are seriously missing out. Croquettes with bacon mayonnaise (yes you read that right BACON mayonnaise), house cured meats and pickles, house made ragu and pasta...its definitely a favorite. They specialise in their meats and offer a range of steak cuts that are delicious and cooked to perfection. 

This is not the first time I have visited LaLuna. The very first time I went they had a Five Meet Bolognaise on the menu which was fantastic, although i can not remember now what those five meats were...i do remember its rich and full flavour. This definitely won't be the last time I visit. 

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Hammer & Tong, Fitzroy

With a delicious range of breakfast treats from their Ox Tail Benedict and their Peanut Butter French Toast (words can't describe how good this was) to their famous Breakfast Ramen, Hammer & Tong is definitely worth a visit at least once. However, be prepared to wait and wait and wait for a table, drinks and food. Unfortunately the wait time for our meal above was around 40-50 minutes and for this reason won't be rushing back.

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Sunday, 10 January 2016

From on High

Baked Eggs

Only the best: Peanut Butter Waffins

In the cutest little hidden cafe, From on High delivers a small menu packed with a lot of flavour.  I had never heard of or tasted a waffin before - but it was bloody delicious and suited my sweet tooth just fine. A waffin is a cross between a waffle and a muffin. It looked like a waffle but has the crumble soft texture of a muffin. The one I had above was the Peanut Butter and Chocolate waffin. They change their waffin flavours quite often and I am looking forward to going back and trying their next creation.

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Tall Timber

Smashed Avocado
Timber Benedict w\ pulled pork
Tall Timber had a fantastic menu and it was very hard to pick what to have. The Timber Benedict was a must try and I had the smashed avocado which was incredible with beetroot hummus, goats cheese and dukkah, I am looking forward to going back as soon as possible to try more of their menu.

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